The IIE Movement is all about you. No matter what your fitness goals, you should always be the best version of yourself. You should impress yourself. The IIE Programs are designed specifically for you to become better each day. Learn things you didn't know, and move like you never have before.



As a certified trainer, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. More than just getting you into shape, I also help with improving endurance, building strength, and sports-specific training through the IIE programs. You can choose from a wide array of existing training programs online, or train directly with me in Los Angeles, CA.



The May Quaran"TONE" Challenge is a fitness program that runs through the month of May. It consists of 3 workouts, 3 cardio sessions, and 1 stretch session per week. This is a fun way to keep you moving throughout the month with chances to win prizes like CASH, IIE Apparel, Nike gear and more online training sessions. Join us for an awesome opportunity to feel better through movement and push yourself though the tough bodyweight workouts you thought would be easy. This is a fitness challenge built for everyone! 



Intense, aggressive, and quick. The custom TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE program is designed to help you focus on all of the little things that will get you big results. Work on speed, agility, and quickness all while improving your mobility. Because "YOUR GREATEST ABILITY, IS AVAILABILITY."



Regardless of what sport you play, you're going to need strength, both mentally and physically. These programs will help test your limits and push you past the breaking point, making you a stronger athlete and give you the confidence you need to perform at your highest potential.




Become a more efficient runner and burn calories like never before. The IIE Cardio Program is built to help you get the proper results you need. From lite walks,  to 200 meter sprints, these programs will help you blast the fat and have you feeling like an olympian after you're through.




Growing up in Texas, I always had a passion for sports, training, and physical health. After diving into nursing for several years, I realized I wanted to make a bigger contribution to society and help others become better by moving more efficiently and performing at the highest level. While practicing nursing, I received my certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and slowly transitioned into personal training. My passion for helping others grew more and more with each client I took on. From training younger athletes for their upcoming football season, to helping business men and women improve their posture while working ten to twelve hour days; I have helped guide each individual to achieving their specific goal. Impressive is Expected is the belief that you should feel and move better than you ever thought possible. You expect nothing but the best for you, and your loved ones. It's time you impressed yourself.


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